Pool Alarm Menlo Park

There can be little argument that Menlo Park, elegantly bordering San Francisco Bay os one of the most intelligent towns in the whole of America, evidence for which is both provided through the statistical demographics and global businesses that have been founded here. With over seventy percent of residents possessing an advanced degree, the town is a domestic hub for locally based world class educational, technological and financial services. As such the town has attracted a high degree of aspirational, professional wealth.

Unlike some neighboring townships, Menlo Park quite a well spread demographic but interestingly has nearly fifty percent of the properties being inhabited by renting families, suggesting that the area is a stepping stone for young professionals looking to move further along the property chain. However a common feature of all properties in this affluent town is the preponderance of properties that include a swimming pool as part of their grounds, for which both property owners and tenants are responsible for maintaining, and ensuring they are as safe as possible.

In such a fantastic location, with a town steeped in rich Californian history, ranging from it’s founding and naming after an Irish town back in the 1800s, to today having been home to a small Internet start up called Google (that it’s fair to assume everyone has heard of by now), the pool plays a year round role for Menlo Park residents. For those who enjoy their pools for exercise, leisure or simply as a rarely entered aesthetic feature of their grounds, it is vital to ensure that an adequate warning system is in place to ensure that the inherent dangers they may present are well marshaled.

Pool alarms serve to warn other family members or neighbors that an unexpected presence has been detected in the pool. Using above or submerged sensors that are systematically placed around the pool, they are sensitive to increased waves and depth level and will sound a siren to raise assistance as soon as possible. Quite simply they are the most important, and instantaneous means of sounding alarm as any instance of drowning must be attended as soon as possible. Most commonly used to protect children, but equally purposeful for adults, pool alarms have saved countless lives in properties where they have been installed, and statistically speaking residents of Menlo Park, with their many pools, ought to take heed of this matter of fact truth.

Even hoping that the pool alarm need never be sounded, for those looking for security and peace of mind with others – and indeed themselves – making frequent use of areas around their pool, installing such a system provides an inexpensive insurance should the worst happen.