Pleasant Hill Pool Alarm

This quaint small town is located just east of the San Francisco Bay. The population is around 35,000 people. The town is dotted with oak woodlands, It is a small friendly, family oriented town, and is home to lots of schools including the John F. Kennedy University. It has a local produce market, the fruits and vegetables are so fresh here, because they are grown and picked right down the road. The different parks makes it easy to have quality family fun.

The temperatures in the summer months that sometimes reach into the upper 90’s, can be a little warm so most people get together to have backyard barbecue’s and pool parties. This town is all about family and friends and good wholesome fun.

This town is not the only place where pools are in almost every backyard. With temperatures reaching all time highs everywhere more and more people are buying pools to relax and find relief from the heat. One of the main concerns with this is safety. Unfortunately, there are over 300 accidental deaths each year where children under the age of 15 die.

This can be prevented by following a few safety guidelines:

  • Supervise at all times•Completely surround your pool with a gate that locks and has an alarm
  • Post pool warning signs
  • Install a pool alarm

There are 3 different types of pool alarms.

The first is Surface Wave Detector or “Floating” Alarm. These alarms float on the waters surface above a submerged contact. When a wave big enough causes the underwater contact to touch the surface unit, it emits a alert. Usually when anything over 15 ponds falls into the water. These are convenient because you can easily adjust the sensitivity on them.

The next type is a Sub Surface Disturbance Detector. This model you have to install on the side of your pool and relies on wave induced pressure changes. It has a remote siren that you can place in the location of your choice. This alarm will sound a alert if anything disturbs the water. These are good for larger in ground pools.

The third alarm is a Wristband Alarm. This type of alarm relies on your child wearing the wristband, if it gets wet the alarm will alert the central alarm system that is kept in the house. These are a little controversial since it must be worn and can not be swam in. If your child washes their hands or gets it wet in any way it could also sound the alarm.

Most people prefer the previous two alarms since they rely more on alarms set in the pool and not on your children wearing them which could be taken off.

No matter which alarm you choose it is always best to have one. The safety of children and pets is very important. Anyone coming in contact with your pool when not supervised is dangerous and could lead to a accident.