pool-alarm-san rafael

California residents of San Rafeal will tell you this about their city is rich with cultural heritage as it was built where Coast Miwok villages once stood.  Mission San Rafael Arcángel has been there since before 1822 making it a historical site and great place to visit.  Located in Marin county in Central California this is an ideal place to visit in order to see some much need culture and landmarks from settlers of Spain.  And for your science fiction followers the home of Skywalker Ranch.

San Rafael is also home to many different homes that contain pools.  Pools are a great way to spend the summer cooling off and getting to know friends and family.  It’s fun to enjoy the peace and quiet of a pool as you bath in the sunlight in sunny California.  It is a way of life there and a relatively common practice that you will find people saying all the time; “heading to the pool this weekend”, or “party at Nick’s pool tonight.”  Pools range in a variety of sizes and locations and even if your home doesn’t have a pool there are local community centers that offer pools for the public as well.

If however you do own a pool than you have to consider more than just the cleaning and maintenance of the pool as well as the fun and good times it can bring.  You have to consider the safety and security of that pool as well.  If you have small children and need to protect them from going into the pool unsupervised than you might want to consider a pool alarm.  The same can be applied to the neighborhood you are in, so that you don’t have any unwanted guests taking advantage of what you have worked so hard to obtain.

There are many different ways to keep your pool safe from hazards and accidents. There are gate and door alarms if you have a secure gate around the pool.  There are ground alarms that sits on the ground and provides a motion sensor that detects activity in the pool and triggers a loud noise.  There are floating alarms that sit in the pool doing similar so that any wave movement of the pool can trigger the alarm.

Prevent anyone from drowning or entering your pool and pool area without you being aware of it. Keeping your family safe is the most important job that a parent has.  Just because you have a pool and want the luxury of such doesn’t mean that you want to place anyone at risk because of it.  And you won’t have to if you secure your pool with a pool alarm.

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