Pool Alarm Fairfield


Aquatech Pool Systems provides a selection of the best pool alarms available.  Our smart, durable designs make any of them a wise investment. We would be happy to help you find one that’s perfect for you.


What exactly is a pool alarm?

Along with adult supervision and safety equipment like pool safety fencescovers, and nets, a pool alarm is an important part of any pool security solution. It keeps your swimming pool safe by sounding an alarm if anything falls in. There are three types available.


What are the three types of pool alarm and how do they work?

  • Sub-surface disturbance detector: This alarm sounds if anything large enough to trip the sensor falls into the pool. Installing a sub-surface pool alarm involves attaching the unit to the side of your pool, along with a remote siren that is set up at a location of your choice.
  • Surface wave sensor: This alarm floats on the water, above a submerged contact. If waves in the pool get big enough to make the underwater contact touch the surface unit, an alarm will sound. These alarms are convenient because their sensitivity can be quickly adjusted by changing the distance between the contacts.
  • Wristband alarm: This alarm has no motion sensor, but instead relies on a wristband to activate the siren.  Installing one is as simple as activating a central alarm unit kept in the house and attaching a band to your child’s wrist. The wristbands are water-activated, so vigilance in removing them before bath time is recommended.


Never worry about anything or anyone falling into your pool again.  When it comes to pool safety, there is nothing that can compare to a pool alarm.  You will receive an alert inside of your home if someone were to fall into the pool.  No more worries about the safety of your loved ones when you have the alarm system in place.  Simply place it on the side of your pool and you are good to go. The alarm rests securely on the side of your pool, so if anyone falls inside of the pool barrier the alarm will sound and alert you to the potential danger around the area.  This handy little device will make pool safety a breeze for years to come.  Rest assured that your pool will be safe and secure from any potential dangers that may come along.

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What’s next?

Now that you’ve read about pool alarms, give Aquatech Pool Systems a call. Aquatech offers a wide variety of reliable pool alarms and expert service to the northern California region. Put our expertise to work for you and your family, and rest easy knowing that your pool is safe and sound with a new alarm system.