At AquaTech Pool Systems, we make sure that operating your pool cover remains easy and simple for you, so you don’t have to hassle with any technical issues. At the touch of a button, your automatic cover can slide across your pool or spa in less than a minute. You can also synchronize water features, lights, and other accessories to coincide with your cover system.

The following items are features included to ensure additional convenience to you as a pool or spa owner:

CoverLink Digital Control

Allows you to program access codes for your pool or spa cover to ensure more exclusive access to your pool area. A wireless version of our CoverLink Digital Control is also available, featuring an easy to use touch pad; LED lights to signify operation, and can easily be installed on a wall or in a standard light-switch box.  Our CoverLink Digital control systems can also be installed with existing pool systems.

Key Switch Control

Comes standard with automatic cover systems and can be used in place of our CoverLink Digital Control system.


Auto-shutoff: automatically turns off cover system when it has fully reached the open or closed position. Other elements include ability to function with accessory board to control other water features.

Accessory Control

Controls water and light features, pool alarms, and all other systems in sync with the management of your pool or spa cover system.

AquaLink Interface Board

Delivers pool cover functionality to the AquaLink (which shows whether your pool cover is fully open or closed) as well as guides the pool’s chlorine generator to yield less chlorine when the pool cover is closed. This ensures that over chlorination of your pool or spa does not occur. Our AquaLink Interface Board also disables water features when pool cover is in a closed state to ensure efficient energy savings.