Pool Cover Maintenance Tips

Even if your pool is only used in the summer because of the colder winters, a pool cover needs to be a priority. It will protect your pool when it is not in use and protect your loved ones all year round.

Once you have picked the pool cover you want, it becomes a part of the pool and needs to be taken care of in the same way as your pool. Improper maintenance of a pool cover can cause unnecessary wear and damage, which negatively impacts its ability to provide safety and protection. A pool cover plays a vital role in pool safety and upkeep and having a cover pump is a great way to take care of your cover.

Pool cover pumps should be placed on the cover in any places where water tends to pool. You want to make sure that when it is time to drain the water, the hose is directed away from the pool and the house. During the winter months, you want to remove the pool cover pump so it does not freeze or become damaged by possible snow cover.

It is equally important to regularly remove debris from the cover because over time these could damage the material and weaken it. Debris can be easily removed using a soft pool brush or broom. You also want to make sure you keep the housing of your cover clean, should you have an automatic pool cover. Debris and dirt can become trapped within the housing which will interfere with the mechanics and damage your pool cover.

Open your pool cover once a week to help prevent chemical gases from building up. During warmer months, you will likely have the cover off most of the time, but as it gets cooler and the cover stays on for longer, this becomes important. You also want to leave the cover off for at least two hours any time you have treated the pool or added new chemicals.

When opening and closing your pool cover you always need to make sure there are no obstructions. Check the housing for water and debris as well as the cover itself. Be sure all toys and floatation devices are clear before moving the cover because they can get trapped or damage the cover as well as the mechanisms. You also need to make sure nobody is near the pool when moving the cover.

It is also a good idea to have a professional take a look at your cover occasionally. At least once a year they should come and inspect your cover for any wear or tear and advise if and when the cover should be replaced. Parts of the mechanisms for automatic covers like the pulleys will wear with time and need to be replaced, and a professional can help you take care of this without risking further damage to the pool cover.

With a little effort and some attention, your pool cover can last a long time. Even over winter months, so long as you care for it, it will stay strong and durable until the summer months. Give your pool cover the same attention you give your pool and it will provide years of faithful service and safety for your family and friends.280 Labor plus parts (Save $30)

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