The Power that Compels our Pool Covers

motor-mechanismAt AquaTech Pool Systems, our renovated mechanisms and high-tech motors are the driving force behind it all. Our products are precisely fitted to any pool setting and provide simple manoeuver ability and durability of the structure. Our superior system comes standard with any pool cover, using a powerfully submersible motor.

Our latest automatic pool cover replica, the Save-T® 3 (big RED), is the strongest system obtainable today, and is only available through AquaTech and other distributors of Cover-Pools. AquaTech also offers hydraulic motors for customers who prefer water- or pressure-driven systems due to lack of space or other particular circumstances. Take a look at the additional advantages AquaTech’s mechanisms can provide:



The Save-T® 3 (big RED), our latest model of automatic pool cover, is the toughest system on the market today, available exclusively from Cover-Pools. It is the elegant workhorse of the pool cover industry.



 The advanced electric system comes standard with a Cover-Pools pool cover. It uses a powerful 3/4 hp submersible electric motor available exclusively
from Cover-Pools.

For those who prefer hydraulic systems or have limited space, Cover-Pools also offers a powerful 1 1/2 hp hydraulic motor.


  • Marine-grade anodized aluminum brackets
  • All stainless-steel hardware
  • All aluminum components, castings, and extrusions are anodized to prevent corrosion
  • Exclusive Corr-Resist™ hybrid end hub components are specifically suited for modern sanitization equipment

Positive Shift System

  • Exclusive positive-shift system
  • 3/8″ solid stainless-steel drive dowel
  • Complete gear engagement with each use
  • Hard-cast stainless-steel gears for strength

Autosave SpaRope Reel System

  • Exclusive EZ-Lock rope reel system for simple cover alignment
  • Exclusive Corr-Resist™ hybrid components prevent corrosion with salt water chlorination systems