Having the luxury of a pool in the home provides a family with the opportunity to exercise, have fun and stay fit. However, owning a swimming pool comes with the enormous responsibility of keeping people safe.  Fortunately, professionally fitted pool covers can be used to keep kids and household pets safe during the colder months of the year, when the pool is not in use.

Atherton is a picturesque town in the central Californian county of San Mateo. It is home to some of California’s richest people and was recently listed as the second most expensive American zip code in which to live. With an average property price of over four million dollars, the town features several luxury swimming pools, all in need of covering during the colder winter months. Thankfully, pool covers keep the whole area safe and give people with young children peace of mind.


It is a little-known fact that over half of all drownings in America involve children under five in a household swimming pool. During times when a pool is not being used regularly, it is not uncommon for children to become unaware of their surroundings and fall into it.  Most domestic drownings can be prevented by using pool covers. They cover the entire expanse of water and will safely catch children and pets who inadvertently fall into a pool.

In addition to providing added security, pool covers have other benefits that can save people money. Utilizing a pool at night is effective in maintaining the water at a comfortable temperature; heat-loss during cold nights can be reduced by over 90% when covered properly.  Saving heat in this can substantially bring the cost of heating a pool down. Pools that are regularly covered will also retain their chlorine content for far longer, saving pool-owners money on the costs of keeping their pool chlorinated.

Most pool-owners will know the amount of work needed to keep a swimming pool clean and free from debris. A professionally fitted cover will catch bugs, leaves and litter, leaving more time to spend swimming and relaxing by the pool and less time cleaning it. Many people don’t consider pool covers as they are concerned about the technical nature of fitting them, as well as the time it takes to install them. However, at AquaTech Pool Systems, covering a pool is simply a matter of pressing a switch. Our highly trained group of professionals is here to install a fitted pool cover.  Absolutely no manual work is involved, meaning families can take advantage of all the benefits of covering a pool without the work.