Pool Covers Brentwood 94513

In many of the Bay Area’s suburban regions such as Brentwood, California, the temperature rarely stoops below 50 degrees at its coldest, but could rise up to 100 degrees or higher during the summer. Northern California has become the ideal place to raise a family because it is filled with a diverse and enriching culture with an expanding residential community.  With the housing market booming and the exceptionally temperate climate, Bay Area residents are adding pools to their dream homes as well.

When having their pool installed, families choose to have it fenced in for the safety of their children and pets. A pool safety fence is always a great option, and can always accommodate your family’s needs while also adhering to residential rules and codes for pool safety.  The hazards of pool environments are not minimal and parental supervision with small children is always required. There are various guidelines and recommendations for pool owners to follow in order to ensure pool safety.  Pool owners, however, may not be fully informed of the regulations within their residential areas.  For example, the Consumer Products Safety Commission for various districts recommends that fences be at least four feet high and that there are no footholds or handholds for children to climb or grab onto.

Another terrific way to protect your family, as well as your pool, is by installing a pool cover.  At AquaTech Pool Systems, our pool covers are available in a variety of styles and colors.  Furthermore, they are also resistant to U.V. damage. Because every pool is different, accommodations can be made in order to install a pool cover that will best suit your needs.  Warranties are also available depending on differing pool cover features. The installation of a pool cover is relatively easy to do, and some of the features even provide heat sealed seams to ensure greater energy savings.

Families and pool owners residing in Brentwood understand the advantages of having a great pool cover.  The value and durability that you gain from installing a pool cover not only protects your pool, but guarantees greater energy and water savings.  Find out how much you can save by installing a pool cover with AquaTech Pool Systems.