Pool covers are an important part of safety when owning a swimming pool.  According to the National Safety Council, an estimated 5,000 children below the age of 14 are hospitalized due to unintentional drowning-related incidents every year.  A durable pool cover provides safety by providing a barrier between unsupervised children and your pool.  AquaTech manufactures and installs custom-fitted pool covers for most of Northern California, including Dublin, CA to keep your family and friends safe.


There are many benefits to purchasing a pool cover. One is that a pool cover can lower the energy costs associated with maintaining pools. Our covers are made of material that traps heat and warms up the water.  The material absorbs heat and then transfers it to the water in the pool.  As a result, you can swim longer and significantly reduce heating costs regardless of whether your pool is indoor or outdoor.

There are many types of pool covers.  One of the most popular for in-ground pools is the Automatic Safety Pool Cover. With the touch of a button or turn of a key, your pool becomes fully protected in under a minute. This is one of the most advanced state-of-the art covers available, and you can even customize your pool cover to fit the pool that you have.

Pool covers come in many different fabrics and colors. They are made of a polyester and vinyl-resin formula for durability and wear.  All are weather-resistant, mildew-resistant,  and chemical extraction-resistant. Call today to learn more about ordering your pool cover in Dublin,CA.