Livermore is a beautiful city located on the eastern edge of California’s San Francisco’s Bay Area.  Because of its hot, dry summers and mild to cool winters, almost every house in Livermore contains a large pool in the backyard. However, the maintenance and safety issues regarding children and pets are a big concern for residents. There are several safety measures that should be taken into account in order to ensure protection, such as pool covers, pool fences and emergency alarms.


Pool covers eliminate the chances of serious pool accidents and save you from the hassles of maintenance. The cover keeps your pool clean from all kinds of debris, leaves, and dust by covering it from above. This means you are free of the task of maintaining your pool every day; your only requirement is simply to manually or automatically pull a cover over it.

Pool covers also help in retaining the pool’s heat when the temperature goes down, such as over night. The cover keeps the water warm, even as the backyard begins to cool down, therefore cutting down your energy bills by up to 80%.

There is no need to heat the water again and again using electricity or gas, making your pool cover the most eco-friendly choice of any pool-heating method.  The pool water is hardly evaporated with the cover on it, which means that you won’t be filling your pool with water as frequently as you did before it was cover-less. It supports water conservation and can be very effective if you live in a drought area.  AquaTech is the Bay Area’s leading distributor of energy-efficient pool cover services that also provide added safety for your family.