Los Altos, California is located in the northeastern region of the state, close to San Francisco. It is considered a commuter community and primarily residential with more than 28,900 people. With beautiful weather year round, swimming is a wonderful pass time. Pools are very common in households in Los Altos, and pool safety is a common concern. Pool covers and fencing are often used as part of safety measures taken.


There are several steps to take to increase safety for children and adults alike.  Although swim lessons will help eliminate the possibilities of drowning, putting up barriers such as fences, child alarms on the fence gates, and using safety pool covers are proven to be more effective in ensuring pool safety.  Pool covers can be placed over the in-ground or above ground pools to help prevent a child or pet falling into the water and drowning. Another safety aspect of pool covers is that they should be completely removed when a child or adult is swimming.

Other safety features to think about for pool owners is to have an outside phone available in case of an emergency. Also have a first aid kit handy in case of a minor injury. Pool covers in Los Altos, CA can be bought online or at your local pool store. You will need to know the dimensions of your pool before purchasing the cover for your pool. Make sure you follow directions and keep the cover safely secured to avoid any chance of someone falling into the pool and getting tangled in the cover.  Durable pool covers that can withstand the weight of a person are also available at Aquatech Pool Systems, which caters to residents all around the San Francisco Bay Area.  Also, remember that with a fence around the pool, it will guarantee added security to protecting your loved ones from fatal injury in the pool area.