Pleasant Hill is a beautiful, small city nestled the eastern part of Northern California’s Bay Area.  It is home to numerous vocational schools such as JFK University, Carrington College, and Diablo Valley College.  In this city, there is a strong, cohesive sense of community as well as modern, affordable housing.  The landscape is pleasantly diverse, ranging from hills to valleys and even some undisturbed woodlands.  The climate is temperate, with very dry and warm summers. Because of this, Pleasant Hill residents and home owners often install pools to enhance summer relaxation and add charm to their homes.

With every pool comes a long list of responsibilities ranging from routine maintenance to energy costs and safety regulations.  It is important for homeowners to stay updated and informed about the duties that come with owning a pool.  Along with the maintenance of pool hygiene, there are major safety concerns associated with your pool, in case you have children and pets at your home. Approximately 65% of pool accidents reported each year is due to the unavailability of pool covers, which prevent your children and pets from falling in the pool.  Swimming pool covers are increasingly gaining popularity because of their multifaceted utility. Better cleaning, increased safety and savings are some of the primary advantages of pool covers.

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With a pool cover, you can reduce the risk of your children and pets having easy access to the pool. Although it is always recommended that you have an eye on your children at all times, a pool cover can add a greater security measure to preventing pool-related tragedies.  Furthermore, a pool cover acts as a protective sheet against the accumulation of debris in the water and the bottom of the pool, saving hours of unnecessary maintenance. Homeowners in Pleasant Hill have attested that their pool heating costs and other chemical treatment bills have significantly reduced by up to 70% after the installation of pool covers.

Investing in a good quality pool cover while providing maximum protection for children and pets is one of the bests actions any Bay Area pool owner can make, and the reliable products and services provided by AquaTech Pool Systems makes it an easy, worth-while, and affordable task.