San Rafael is located in Marin County, California, in the northern region of the San Francisco Bay Area.  It is the home of Dominican University and Mission San Rafael Arcangel, as well as Victorian architectures and various authentic ethnic restaurants in its downtown shopping district. San Rafael is also a great place to live due to its rich cultural diversity and dynamic business estates nearby.  But most of all, San Rafael’s comfortable and temperate climate provides an ideal platform for homeowners to create a beautiful pool environment that can be used year round.  A pool is the perfect recreational commodity for San Rafael residents to own.  However, not every day has conditions that are great for pool use, and this means that pool protection is often required.

A pool cover is a great investment because it effectively protects your pool while also saving time, money, energy, and water.  It helps keep maintenance costs down by providing constant protection from the elements, keeping leaves and dirt out, and keeping pool water locked in.  The constant protection provided by a pool cover also prevents debris and dirt from clogging the pool’s filtration system.  Because a pool cover is able to trap heat from the sun in order to increase the temperature of the pool water, a desirable pool temperature can be maintained with minimal use of the pool heater.  As a result, energy costs may be significantly reduced.  Furthermore, employing a pool cover prevents evaporation because condensation is built up on the bottom of the pool cover and then released back into the pool.  This subsequently saves water for both the pool owner and their community.

There are a number of options for Bay Area residents who wish to install a cover for their pool.  AquaTech Pool Systems, for example, provides covers in a variety of colors and styles to accommodate their client’s preferences and tastes.  Assortments of styles for pool fences are also available, and highly recommended, to accompany a pool cover for guaranteed safety and security.

AquaTech Pool Systems caters to Northern California’s Bay Area, and San Rafael is no exception.  Full-service installations and routine maintenance for all clients makes AquaTech the go-to company for a pool owner’s every need. Let us help you keep your pool costs down, conserve water and energy, and ensure the safety of your pool area. Contact us today so we can begin customizing your pool cover or fence.