AquaTech-the-best-pool-covers-for-winter.It is not uncommon to find homes with pools in Northern California. And if you have a pool, you understand that pool safety is a number one priority. Too many accidental deaths occur each year as a result of drowning and this is preventable. Pool safety covers are often used to make pools safe, but this is a secondary measure. Pool safety fences are the best way to prevent pool tragedies. Having a pool means that you need to invest in safety measures to protect children and other loved ones. Drownings are a top cause of death among young children so pool owners have a responsibility to take all necessary precautions to prevent this. Pool covers and pool safety fences are the top tools to achieve this, but is one better than the other?

Pool Cover vs. Pool Safety Fence?

If you’re considering a pool cover then you need to get one that is specifically designed for safety. Solar covers and others designed to keep pool water warm are not thick enough. A pool safety cover is thicker and can withstand weights up to 500 pounds per five square feet. Pool covers also have to be kept clean all year to prevent water and debris from collecting. This weakens the cover and allows it to sag, which makes it a hazard. Pool safety covers need to be securely closed every time you are away from the pool. But what if you need to run in the house quickly to grab something? Securing a pool cover can be a nuisance. Having a pool safety fence is the solution for keeping your pool safe at all times. Pool covers come with heavy-duty straps and brackets to anchor them down. To be effective it must be securely latched down.

(AquaTech) Pool Fences In Carmel CAKids can get under pool covers if they are not secure. Children can also drown in as little as two inches of water. Collected water can create pools that are dangerous. If children know they can walk across the pool covers, these puddles become a real hazard. This danger is magnified by the fact that pool covers are slippery. Having a pool safety fence provides the additional protection you need. Pool fences are a better option because they are very secure. Pool safety fences must have self-latching gates to make sure nobody gets in. A self-closing and self-latching gate will keep children out of the pool area. You need the fence to be made from durable materials such as mesh. Mesh cannot be climbed or easily damaged. Pool fences are more expensive than covers but they provide a higher level of protection that you need. The safest pool will be one that has both a cover and a safety fence.


Accidents and drowning can happen in seconds. Supervision is essential at all times. Pool fences need to be locked at all times to keep children from getting near the pool. With mesh fencing, they cannot climb over and the family dog cannot dig through. Mesh fencing is one of the safest options around and can be customized to suit your needs. We have an experienced team of installation technicians and the best in pool safety fences. Call today for a consultation and quote.


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