Walnut Creek is located just east of Oakland and is conveniently placed at the highway junction for Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland.  Downtown Walnut Creek serves as an entertainment and business hub for neighboring cities and is quite vibrant and welcoming to both its residents and tourists.  Public transportation and scenic bike trails are easily accessible and available.  While there are plenty of recreational and leisure activities to partake in, many Walnut Creek residents resort to their own backyard pools during the warmer part of the year due to the hot, humid temperatures of the region. Because of this, it is important that pool owners take the appropriate steps to ensure that pool safety measures are met.

Pool Covers Walnut Creek CA 94595 94596 94597 94598Every year, accidental drownings occur that could have been prevented if homeowners had installed a pool cover. Having a pool cover installed is a crucial step for anyone that has a pool on their property. Pool covers not only help to prevent accidental drownings; they also save energy by reducing heat loss and evaporation. Pool covers also reduce the need for consistently replacing the chemicals that help to keep the water clean.  Not only does a pool cover help to keep your pool clean, but it also helps to insure the safety of family, friends and pets.

There is an assortment of pool covers available to Walnut Creek residents that are both affordable and easy to maintain.  At AquaTech Pool Systems there are many different styles to choose from, ranging from manual to automatic, and some may even be operated with a touchpad.  These pool covers are built strong enough to withstand the weight of several adults, thus providing you and your family with the ultimate barrier protection.  Going without a cover for your pool means taking the risk of accidental, unsupervised drowning as well as losing out on water and energy savings.  Make your pool area safer and more cost-effective today.