Winterizing your pool is one of the best preventative measures aimed to help avoid freeze damage, which is common during winter. The weather condition during this season has unpleasant surprises that may render some of your pool components ineffective. The freeze damage is preventable and easy to mitigate if you use some pool equipment such as the pool cover. The pool covers act like a protective layer that keeps a variety of foreign materials at bay. It also helps to retain the heat required to keep your pool from freezing, which could cause cracking of pumps and other vital parts like the filter. The market has several pool covers at your disposal. They all work to achieve a common goal but have a disparity in terms of the quality of the material, durability, price, and installation procedures. Below are some popular cover pool options that can help you protect your pool during winter.

The Best Pool Covers For Winter

Safety Covers

Safety covers are one of the good sort options since they perform more effectively compared to the standard winter swimming pool covers. They require precision in the installation procedure since its more labor-intensive. They have the capacity to serve you much longer compared to the standard cover option since the material used is much stronger and durable. You can result in two options which are:

  • Solid Safety Covers: This form of safety cover is characterized by strong and durable features that help the cover overcome heavyweights like winter debris and snow. The cover is impermeable, which means water and melted snow can easily penetrate.
  • Mesh Safety Covers: Mesh covers are the other form of safety covers, which is designed from a rich network of heavy-duty straps. The cover can protect the pool from solid foreign debris and could support thousands of pounds. The cover design will allow easy penetration of sunlight, although there are modified designs that have a certain degree of sun protection.

Automatic Swimming Pool Cover

This cover is often expensive since it automatically operates with the help of a remote or button. It is easily retractable, which makes it easy to maintain and operate. You require a high tech pool company to design your custom design that will effectively work. The material used is strong and durable, which makes it convenient since it can serve you for a very long time. It can support heavyweights, which ensures safety for unsupervised kids or pets. It is airtight and completely covers the pool to keep away all forms of debris. The installation procedure is quite expensive, but it gives back value, which makes it a worthwhile course.

Standard Winter Cover

The material used to make the standard winter cover is simple but plays a vital role in keeping out debris, winters solid snow as well as the sunlight. The good thing about the standard winter covers is their affordability and availability. The material used for the cover is tarp-like and suitable for both above ground and in-ground swimming pools. During winter, you will require extra supporting equipment to help hold the cover sturdy for quality results.

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