Energy Efficient Pool Equipment

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When you consider that your swimming pool should bring a lifetime of enjoyment, you want to equip it with the products that are of highest quality, with features that bring benefits to your time in the water. Top on your list will be keeping the pool optimally clean with minimal work. Purchasing the best equipment will help you to maintain the relaxation that a great pool system can provide.

You’ll want to consider these basic four items first, including the pool pump, the filters, the heat pump and the water treatment you will use:

Nirvana Silensor Pool Pump

nirvana pool pump silicon valleyNirvana Silensor Pool Pump has a few features that should make it irresistible. It is water-cooled, and it is the only one currently sold that is. It doesn’t use air to cool it. This is very different from less well designed brands that require loud fans for cooling. In fact, its specific noise level is a low 55 dBA. MORE ABOUT NIRVANA’S POOL PUMP >>>

About Nirvana Filtersnirvana filter for pool

Nirvana filters are designed so that debris is prevented from falling into the tank even though cleaning time requires removal of the element. It is easy to install properly and operate worry free. The tab lock is a safety feature that is patented. MORE ABOUT NIRVANA’S FILTERS >>>

About the Nirvana Heat Pump

nirvana heat pump bay area

Nirvana heat pumps use the best innovations and quality to provide you with substantial noise reduction, durable long lasting manufactured parts, and protective coating against corrosion. Its control panel is digital. This is specifically for owner friendly adjustments of water temperature that helps to maintain the heat pump’s precise level of energy efficiency. MORE ABOUT NIRVANA’S HEAT PUMP >>>

About the New Nirvana Water Treatment System

nirvana water treatment san francisco bayEver focused on developing emerging technologies, Nirvana is currently working together with a European partner to develop a revolutionary new digital method of keeping pool water completely clean without the need for chemicals. MORE ABOUT NIRVANA’S WATER TREATMENT >>>

Each of these properly built pool maintenance items are designed to be easy to use. The company website offers brochures, instruction manuals and videos to help their customers understand what makes these components preferable to others on the market. The information necessary to help any pool owner use these durable and time saving items is included in these helpful resources.

Any pool owner who would like a high quality product that also offers less time spent maintaining a pool will appreciate these products. They are an investment that is financially sound and capable of providing great outdoor enjoyment for many years.