Whether you have had a pool for some time, or are just installing one, it is crucial to mount a pool fence around the construction.  Not only is this a means for privacy, but it is also a way to keep people safe on your property.  A pool fence is essential for any yard with a pool, regardless of whether or not the pool owner has children or pets.  Pool owners will also find that in most neighborhoods (such as Danville, California), pool fences are mandated by law, due to the safety features it provides.  Danville is a small, suburban town located near San Francisco, and is one of the 25 wealthiest cities in the state of California. With the large number of residents owning pools in this particular city, properly keeping oneself up-to-date with the residential codes is one of the most important steps in ensuring pool safety.

Danville CA

Likewise, San Ramon (a neighboring city in relation to Danville) enforces similar residential codes.  For example, section 421 of the uniform building code states that an outdoor swimming pool must be provided with a pool fence or barrier which must be approved prior to plastering or filling the pool with water (for further information on pool and spa requirements in San Ramon, visit http://www.sanramon.ca.gov/bldgrefer/refpoolfence.html).

Pool fences serve the purpose of preventing individuals and animals from entering the pool area unsupervised.  This is a precaution that is especially detrimental to the safety of young children, beloved pets, and even wild animals who might not understand the dangers of walking across a pool cover.  It is not unlikely that a child or animal will attempt to walk across a pool cover and then consequently fall through, become trapped or entangled in the cover, and drown.  Protect your family with a pool fence from Aqua Tech Pool Systems.