Atherton Pool Fence Atherton CA is a peaceful city for those who like to live in the calm, amidst nature’s bounty. The city of Atherton, CA is situated in the peninsula that is located between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. This elegant city is adorned with heritage trees and beautiful gardens.

The township houses some of the richest people and has been marked as the second most expensive American zip code to live in. You could invest in the elegant residential properties featuring luxurious swimming pools for a community or personal purpose. Summers in Atherton are hot and and hence residential pools are a great refuge for recreation. Houses here are spaced apart and the pool is not always in view making a danger zone for families with small kids or careless adults. By installing a pool fence around your home pool you can keep it away from accidents that can be caused around this area.

There are a few certain guidelines that should be followed if you wish to set up a pool fence around your home pool. The guidelines ensure the safety of the pool fence and make it with pool fence regulations which concern all pool owners alike. These guidelines are as follows:

You must obtain a license for construction if you wish to build a pool fence. You must obtain a building approval if you wish to construct a fence over 2.4 m long.

Ensure that there are no fixed claimable objects along your pool fence. There should be no platform, electric box, pump box etc. along your pool fence or tree branches, pots or bricks. Any climbable object should be covered and shielded so that it is not scalable.Pool Fence Atherton CA

No doors should lead into the pool fence. This includes a patio or front lawn. The pool should be completely surrounded by the pool fence and there should be no entry without a gate.
Gates that are on the fence should always open away from the pool. This should be done in order to avoid any accident that might happen due to jumping in or out of the pool or crashing into the gate. Gates with slide doors are preferred for pool fences.

Gate-latches must placed low to the ground and should be accessible for children. For this reason you should always be sure to latch your pool door when there are small kids in the house.