Pool safety is important.  That is why there are many rules and codes that have been enacted for the use of pools to help keep users safe.  In California there are a variety of rules, including pool fence codes and pool cover codes.  It is important to note that there are no federal laws regarding pool codes.  However, all laws are local and although certain laws abide throughout the state of California, specific municipalities may have different codes.

Pool Fence Code & Cover Code In California

The State of California has laid out a number of different requirements that a private pool must adhere to.  There are seven different requirements, and the pool must meet at least one of them.  In reality this means that a pool built on a private residence must have either a pool cover or a pool fence.  The only other alternative is to get a pool alarm installed,  which will go off every time someone opens a door that leads to the pool.  In reality, this can be a lot of hassle for the pool owner because they have to be deactivate the alarm constantly.

The easiest option is to go with either a cover or a fence.  If you opt for a pool fence, then it must be a removable mesh fence and must meet the approved standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials.  In addition, the fence must also have a gate, which is used to access the pool.  The gate must be self-closing, meaning that when you let go of it when it is open, it doesn’t stay put – it shuts itself.  The gate must also be self latching, meaning that when the gate has closed (by itself) it must lock without any human intervention.

Pool Fence California Code

Finally the gate must be key lockable, so that when you don’t want your children (or anyone else) to open the gate to the pool, it can’t be opened.  Only fences that meet all of these requirements are acceptable under the law.  If any of the steps are missed, then it is not an acceptable pool fence.

If you opt for the pool cover instead of the fence, the rules are slightly different.  A normal pool cover won’t do –you must have a safety pool cover, which is designed to prevent people from inadvertently falling in the water.  If someone happens to fall in, they will land on the cover and won’t impact the water.  In addition, the pool cover must meet the requirements that are set out in ASTM Specifications F 1346, which is the standard performance specification for safety covers for all pools and hot tubs.  Whether to go for the fence or the cover will depend on each individual person and their tastes or preferences.  However, at least one or the other must be correctly installed in order to meet California safety codes and standards.