As summertime approaches, you anticipate the heat and start thinking of every possible option for keeping cool. Often diving into a pool is the first option we think of.  Pool parties become the go-to solution for hot summers enabling you to keep cool and have fun at the same time. Pool parties are great for all ages, but when it comes to children you want to make sure safety comes first.

Installing a fence around the pool is the best way to address safety issues.  Shockingly, there are a high number of drowning incidents involving children and an even greater number of pools in the Sacramento area without fences.  Even when you are at your most vigilant, accidents can still happen, so installing a fence is the best way to prevent serious injuries.

In the U.S, pool drowning accounts for the most deaths in children, under the age of 5.  There are hundreds of pools in the Bay Area and greater Sacramento, but not all are protected with fences. It’s extremely important to supervise kids when they are around a pool, but this may not always be possible. The more cautious you are, the safer your children will be.  Investing in a self-latching pool fence is the most cautious route you can take towards ensuring pool safety.

Pool Fence Cost

Pool fences cost around $17-$23 per linear foot but this should not deter you from installing one. After all, quality always comes at a price and when it comes to your loved ones, nothing but the best will suffice.  Depending on the season and the installation requirements, it could take anywhere from one to three weeks to install a pool fence, so be sure to schedule it accordingly.  The cost will also vary according to the size and height of the fence, as well as the type of poles used.

The total cost of a pool fence is approximately $1500-$2500 which includes the materials required to construct the fence and the installation charges. When estimating pricing for a pool fence, it is important to consider the footage first and then several other factors will come into play also.  Other factors that determine the cost include the number of gates, layout, height, fence material as well as grass, pavers and dirt. Moreover, the levelness of the ground on which the fence will be installed and the components required for installation is incorporated into the cost too.

Pool Fence Installation

Apart from increased safety for your children, pool fences can also add to the visual appeal of your yard.  Many may think of fences as unattractive, but there are some very ornamental and decorative styles that will add value to your home and aesthetics to your yard. Plus, you can always remove the fence once the kids are grown and out of the house.  It can take up to three weeks to install a pool fence, and this time will vary according to the season as well as individual requirements.  Safety should always be your priority, so the cost of a fence should not be a real concern. You cannot put a price on the peace of mind that comes with a secure fence around your pool.  For more information, fill out our form on the right. We specialize in building durable and reliable pool fences throughout California.

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