The small California city of Brentwood enjoys a hot and sunny climate, with average high temperatures in July and August of around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. On those long, hot summer days, there is nothing better than taking a dip in a backyard pool, but you need to understand the hazards involved.

Pool Safety in Brentwood CA

A backyard pool is a great asset during the hot California summer, but you need to give some consideration to the issue of pool safety, particularly if you have young children or pets living with you or visiting frequently. Children and animals can drown in backyard pools. Even children who can swim are at risk if they slip and fall into the water, as they may hit their head on the side of the pool and be knocked unconscious. Pets in particular struggle to pull themselves out of a backyard pool and can quickly become exhausted and drown.

Pool Fence Brentwood ca

Pool Fence Improves Pool Safety

Installing a pool fence can help to protect children and animals while they play in your back yard. Pool fences keep kids and pets a safe distance from your pool, reducing the risk of slip-related injuries and drowning.

It’s not only parents with young kids who should install pool fencing: grandparents who receive visits from little ones need to think of the children’s safety as well. You should also consider the safety of your neighbors’ kids and pets, who may be attracted into your yard by the sight of your pool. Installing a locking, non-climbable pool fence helps to keep uninvited visitors safe from the risks posed by your pool.

Don’t underestimate the importance of pool safety in Brentwood, CA. Install a pool fence so you can enjoy all the benefits of a residential pool without putting anyone at risk.