pool fence palo alto

Situated in the northwest corner of Santa Clara County, Palo Alto is the home to a number of high-tech firms including Tesla Motors and Hewlett Packard. It is also the home of Stanford University. As such, Palo Alto is one of the wealthiest communities in the country. The city’s landscape is dotted with hundreds of beautiful mansions with immaculately manicured lawns. In addition, an Olympic-size swimming pool can be found in almost every back yard. And each one of those should be surrounded by a beautiful pool fence.

What better way to watch a football game – other than being there in person – than to host your own party in your own back yard? Surrounded by friends and family, you break out the brats and burgers, crank up the grill and head for the pool deck. There’s no need to worry about a child wonder off in the pool or the neighbors’ pet slipping in and snatching one of your tasty brats because your yard is surrounded by a sturdy mesh pool fence. So, you and your guests can enjoy the game – and the food – knowing that your pool is safe.


After the a bit of rest, it is now time for a refreshing dip. You can use the self closing gate or remove the pool fence and jump in the pool. The temperate Palo Alto climate is perfect for a late-evening plunge almost all year round.  So, you and your guests can enjoy the summer without worry.

But, while you’re enjoying your evening, don’t forget to practice water safety; if you’ve had a couple of beers while watching the Tigers win, under no circumstances should you go into the water. Always make sure the children are supervised by an adult who can swim.

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