Pool Fence Menlo Park CA

Menlo Park is one of those cities where everything seems just right. First and foremost is the weather; Menlo Park receives quite a significant amount of sunshine; a little of 260 sunny days every year. Another feature that really stands out is the abundance of trees; in fact, Menlo Park was named Tree City USA. Because of the numerous trees dotting the area, the city’s air is very fresh.

The surrounding environment is also very pleasing to the eyes; to the west is the Pacific coastal range and to the east lies the San Francisco bay. Most of the people who live here are well educated and this is probably because of the numerous schools present here (both private and public). The city is quite close to the prestigious Stanford University. Also present in the area is Menlo College.

There are quite a number of high end private properties in the city most of which have pools. This is indicative of a significantly high standard of living among the residents. There is one issue however that arises with regard to pools and that is safety. Open pools pose a significant risk both to humans – more so children – and animals.

For this reason it is quite important to install a pool fence around your pool leaving only one lockable entrance. If you want to construct a pool fence you will have to get a license and if the fence is going be more than 2.4 m in length, you will have to get a building approval. You should ensure that there are no objects nearby that can be used by children or even animals to get over the fence for example tree branches, brick stacks, flower pots and the like. As mentioned, the pool fence should have a lockable gate whose key should only be available to the adults of the household.

Using a pool fence not only looks great, it is also a great way to  keep your family safe. They come in a variety of colors and height which will fit any families need. Most importantly you will now be able to keep your kids safe and keep your piece of mind…