Most homes that are located in beautiful Oakley, California are equipped with swimming pools customized to fit the homeowner’s needs.  Having a pool provides convenience and dramatically increases the overall value of a home. However, the number of drowning deaths that occur in family swimming pools is nothing short of frightening.  As a result, it is essential that homeowners use effective swimming pool fences that run around the entire perimeter of the pool.  The problem is that many of these fences are not aesthetically pleasing, nor are they completely resistant to pool-side accidents.  One only has to pick up a newspaper in order to read about a catastrophic accident in the family swimming pool.  The scary thing is that the pool almost always has a fence around it with a closed gate.


Fortunately, there is a solution to all of these problems.  Removable mesh pool fences, such as those sold by, complement the look of the home and its surroundings while simultaneously providing one of the safest environments for loved ones.  In fact, these fences are so unique that they are patented and, when installed professionally, they provide a child-proof perimeter around any swimming pool, regardless of its size or shape.  For added safety, the removable mesh pool fence resists being climbed on and includes a gate that closes and locks on its own.  In addition, much of the fence is virtually transparent so it is easy to simply look into the swimming pool area in order to see if anyone is swimming at the time.


 Pool Fence in Oakley CA


Besides the outstanding level of safety that is provided, the thing that really sets this particular pool fence apart is that it is completely customizable, yet surprisingly affordable.  These fences are much more affordable than expensive iron fences and, because so many colors are available, the surroundings of the home can be made more aesthetically pleasing rather than detracting from the desired appearance of the home.


Furthermore, these fences can be removed easily if needed.  This provides an added level of convenience that is not available with other types of pool fences.  However, one should not assume that the fences are not as strong as other types of fences simply because they can be removed easily.  After the fence has been set up, it is among the strongest type of fencing available, designed specifically to prevent drowning accidents.  Purchasing the removable mesh pool fence truly allows families to enjoy all the benefits of having a pool without having to worry about the common dangers that they can sometimes pose.  The fact that these fences are affordable and customizable makes them so superior that homeowners would regret choosing anything else.