One of the main factors you must consider when building a pool is the type of fencing that surrounds it. While there are no federal laws requiring there to be fencing around a pool, many states and local governments have their own laws mandating it. Sacramento, for instance, requires that you build a fence around any newly built pool. These laws were passed to ensure children and animals would be less likely to stumble into an unsupervised pool.

The requirements for the fence to meet the standards of the law are straightforward. The fence has to be at least five feet tall and if the style includes any holes then these cannot be wider than four inches. The fence must also include a self-closing gate and self-latching device. Further, the fence must be specifically designed so that children cannot climb over the fence and be able to get into the pool.

Now that you know that you must have a fence around your pool, it is necessary to know the approximate cost of building one. In order to construct a fence, it is essential to enlist the service of a fencing contractor, to ensure your fence meets the law’s requirements. The average cost to install a fence around your pool will be $1120, for the fence usually costs between $15 and $19 per linear foot and most pool fences are between 30 and 60 linear feet. Additional features that could add a higher cost include a higher fence height, additional self-closing gates, and making the gate removable for storage. These additions, though, will only cost a little bit more, for an additional gate would cost $325 and ensuring the gate is removable would cost between $350-500. Fencing for your pool, therefore, is much cheaper than other types of fencing which can cost thousands of dollars.

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