Pools can bring the family together and generate wonderful memories of parties and family gatherings. But, safety must always come first. Serving the area of San Rafael, CA we meet the pool safety needs of the community with great service and high-quality pool fences.

 Pool Safety

The C.D.C. cites studies, that found that the lack of barriers to a pool is one of the leading risks in young children’s accidental drowning deaths. A pool that is completely fenced off reduces that risk by 83%. Partially fenced pools do not have the same safety. The statistics are staggering in that, a simple thing as having a fence surrounding a pool can save so many young children’s lives.

Pool Fence Features

  • Pool fences come with many customizable options. You can get a fence that complements the colors of your house and yard. This is something that can add value to your overall home value, in addition to providing safety.
  • The height of your fence is optional. The combination of safety concerns and visual appearance may make it seem like it is difficult to get a fence that looks awkward. This is not true. You can select the height and colors that are perfect for your safety needs and decorative tastes.
  • The technology of pool fence materials has come a long way from a simple metal fence, with a standard latch. You have options in the fence materials that make it easy for you to get the perfect fence to meet your specific safety concerns. Perhaps you have pets that you need to consider along with children. You can get a fence that will prevent both of them from getting into the pool.
  • The high-quality construction and mechanisms of the safety latches and the self-closing entry will add an extra layer of security, and peace of mind.

San Rafael, CA is a great place to live, with great pool weather. There is no need to live in constant fear of a pool accident that can easily be prevented by simply installing a pool fence. We strive to meet the needs of our community with high-quality and customizable options in pool fences, for pool safety and building home values.