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 Pool Gate Fairfield CA

  • All latches are magnetic and lockable. They are all made by Magna Latch, the world’s safest pool latching system available.
  • The latch, hook and eye fasteners and screws are made of stainless steel.  The gates and poles are made of aluminum, stainless steel and PVC. Every part of the fence is made to resist rust while maintaining strength and integrity.
  • The mesh is the safest and strongest mesh available worldwide.
  • All fence poles have locking sleeves making them meet building code expectations in many municipalities. They are easy to remove with a tool, but are still safe.
  • All poles are constructed with T6 marine grade aluminum and are internally reinforced from top to bottom with a tri-core design. Our poles are available in powder-coated colors of BLACK, GREEN, BROWN, GRAY and BEIGE or in a silver colored MILL FINISH
Our exclusive INTERLOCKING mesh is the strongest and most transparent mesh available anywhere. This mesh is available in BLACK, GREEN and BROWN. We call our standard fabric GUARDTEX. The Guardtex mesh is available from stock in BLACK only.
  • Fence available 4 foot, 4 ½ foot or 5 foot heights. (4 foot high fence is the minimum height recommended by the U.S.C.P.S.C.)
  • The gate trusses are made from 6061 marine grade aluminum. The available colors for the gate frame are BLACK, GREEN, BROWN, GRAY,  BEIGE and MILL FINISH.
  • The trusses and the “U” shaped gate design are just two of the 19 different claims on our gate that are protected by US Patent #5,664,769
  • The gate is self closing, self latching, key lockable, climb resistant, RUST PROOF and REMOVABLE


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