Swimming Pools have been around for a very long time. A pool is not only great for exercise or family fun but it tends to add a certain kind of beauty that is very peculiar. They can be more modern, small-sized or enormous, for basic purposes such as swimming and playing or a more dramatic effect such as scenic attraction. Whatever the reason you can be certain of making a statement to everyone who views it.

With the onset of technology and the continuous improvements, swimming pools have been taken to a whole new level. Majorly due to the addition of LED lights.

What are the LED lights?

LED lights are a solid-state device, distinguishable from other lighting technology which uses gas discharge or heated filaments to emit light.

LED lights are quickly gaining use as major accessory to water-related products this is because LED lights are much more developed and are incredibly energy-saving, where a fluorescence lamp releases only 5% of energy as light with the remaining 95% lost as heat, an LED bulb uses about 75% less energy and lasts over 20 times longer.

Depending on the wavelength, LED lights emit different colors. This lighting technology has become the most sought after option, not just water-related products but also for residential as well as commercial use, both indoors and outdoors; they have applications in motorcycles and cars, as well as mobile phones and traffic light signals.

In recent years and of great interest, it has been applied as a fixture in swimming pool and fountain installations. Swimming pools use LED underwater lights and fountains usually have the lighting technology installed into the nozzles.

Why choose copper LED lights?

LED lights come in various coverings from stainless steel to plastic and copper. While the option of stainless steel and plastic has downsides to it ranging from the high cost of purchase and installation to durability and ability to work effectively in all types of water, copper, on the other hand, comes as an alternative.

An LED copper pool light is long-lasting so you do not have to worry about the cost of preparing

  • It is also relatively inexpensive to stainless steel.
  • It is also environmentally friendly.
  • It is best suited for those who stay in areas with high environmental changes.

This luxury commodity has great value for money; hence it has been used greatly in the production of pool fountain lights.

Whether your preference is a spouting fountain, or a swimming pool fountain whatever design, lights sit perfectly well and add an eye-catching effect. And to add more glamour to this already perfect architecture, it is best to add LED lights as they are very well known for their efficiency because they give off more light per watt. This translates to a reduction in the financial cost of maintenance ensuring that you have a win-win situation.



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