If you live in Atherton, CA and searching for a good way to protect your pool why not invest in a quality Pool Fence? It will not only keep your pool safe from unwanted swimmers and other trespassers but it will save lives as well. Young children often fall victim to drowning without proper fencing. Plus having a Pool Fence will add value to your property.

You can install a regular Pool Fence which requires drilling or the No Holes System which is different. Unlike traditional chain link or wrought iron pool fencing that is easily accessible to climbers of all skill levels, this type of fence is made out of a tightly woven mesh material. With the No Holes Pool Fence, simply connect the bases together, fill them with water, then set up the fence. There is absolutely no drilling so your deck will remain just the same without any alterations to accommodate the new fence. This makes the No Holes Pool Fence ideal for any situation whether it’s permanent or temporary.


Another great safety measure is the pool cover. If you haven’t purchased a proper pool cover for your pool then you know how frustrating it can be when you find unwanted things floating in your pool water. With Cover-Pools quality pool covers you will be amazed at the difference having a quality pool cover can make. Pool covers do more than just protect the water underneath. They also greatly improve energy efficiency by saving you 50-70% off of your heating bill! By covering your pool you will slow down the evaporation process. Normally it only takes 1 Btu to raise one pound of water 1 degree but when that temperature is at 80 degrees those same Btus use 1,048 Btus every time one pound of water is evaporated out of your pool. That’s a big difference!

As neighborhoods are not as safe as they used to be you might want to consider adding a pool alarm to further strengthen your pool security. Nothing will ever fall in your pool again without your knowledge. A pool alarm gives you the comfort in knowing that you don’t have to babysit your pool from potential intruders. There are different models to choose from if you choose to invest in one however it’s always a good idea to be safe rather than sorry. Why risk safety with less than the best security? Cover all your bases with a Pool Fence, Pool Cover, and a Pool Alarm. You’ll sleep better knowing your loved ones and property are safe from harm.


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