Owning a swimming pool is one of the best things you can have especially for your children and also the most dangerous thing to have too. Above anything else, when dealing with swimming pools, their safety comes first. Below are some of the ways to keep swimming pools safe in Pleasanton CA:


Installing pool safety fences

A pool that is at least 48” inches high is recommended and should have a child-resistance, self-latching as well as a self-closing gate. If you don’t want holes drilled into the ground, which the regular pool fence requires, there is the No Holes system you can try. It is portable and has a strong base for its poles. No holes pool fence is as effective as normal pool fences even better because it is portable and affordable. The bases are connected and filled with sand or water which then become very hard to move hence securing the pool. Once the bases are emptied, they are then removed easily and stored.


Pool Alarm Pleasanton CAInstalling pool alarms

Pool alarms are available in four types; wearable alarms, pressure alarms, gate alarms and perimeter alarms. Wearable alarms work best for children though they need close adult supervision. This alarm is worn by the child around the waist whereby once the waist gets immersed in water, the alarm sounds. Gate alarms are attached to the gate of the pool such that once someone or something opens it, the alarm will sound. Pressure alarms are ones that have a very sensitive tube that is inserted in water and are kept at the pool edges. The alarm sounds due to pressure waves which occur when something or someone falls in the pool. Lastly, perimeter alarms are invisible alarms set around the pool at different points creating a laser field that detects either a small animal or a child once they penetrate the alarm will make a sound.


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Installing pool safety covers

There are both electric and manual covers. Pool covers are used cover the pool when not in use, their main purpose is to reduce heating cost by minimizing the evaporation rate which saves the pool energy. Pool covers are crucial especially during winter for pool safety. There are two types of covers; manual and automatic overs. Manual safety covers are giant like trampoline green in color that covers the water and is available for above ground pools as well. It is practical to use them all year around, especially winter times. Automatic covers not only make the pool safe but also cut on evaporation rates and can be used all seasons.


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