For most parents, building a swimming pool is a dream-come-true. However, the idea is driven away by the thought of their little ones drowning. If you are a parent in such a situation, you should know that you can have a pool in your home and still protect your children from accidental drowning. These days, you can find hundreds of pool safety products on the market. 

Necessary Pool Safety Products

Pool fences

original-pool-fenceThe role of the fence is to prevent children from going close to the swimming pool. Wrought Iron pool fences are not the best for pool safety. Children can climb over it and get to the pool without their parents noticing. If you are a parent and you are thinking of building a swimming pool, you should consider installing mesh pool fences such as the Guardian pool fence. These fences are better than the traditional ones because there is nothing to grab on which is why it is very difficult to climb. The mesh also allows you to see the pool at any time of the day or night.

Confidence float suits

Your child needs to build their confidence in the water. It is correct to say that this float suit might not be as buoyant as a real life jacket, but it can help assist your baby increase their confidence. The best thing about the float suits is that they are available in different sizes, designs, and colors. 

Pool alarms

If you have a pool, you have to be very attentive. However, parents might sometimes be distracted by house chores. This is where an alarm comes in. The role of this safety product is to notify you once your child is close to the pool. Since there are several types of alarms, you can choose the one that suits your needs and provides the level of protection that your family needs. For example, you can select gate alarm for your pool fence, the door, and the window alarm if you have a pool, perimeter alarms, the voice alarms, the floating and wave sensors. All these alarms function differently. Some go off due to movement and light, while others go off when a specific weight is on the water. Among all these alarms, the pool-mounted passive infra-red motion detector is the best because it is the loudest and possesses all the features found in all the other alarms.

Pool Covers

Pool Cover Maintenance TipsPool covers are anchored around the perimeter of your pool for drowning prevention and also keeps the swimming pool cleaner when not in use.  There are two types of Safety Covers: Mesh and Solid. Mesh Safety Covers allow rain and fine particles through while keeping your pool safe from accidents. Solid pool covers can be manual or automatic. We love our automatic pool covers!

SwimLine foam ring pool buoy

This pool buoy contains a soft and durable surface where you can lay your baby. It also has an eighteen-inch size which ensures that your baby fits perfectly. Its sustainable design ensures that you can use it for years, as long as you provide adequate maintenance. With the nylon tow rope, the parent can easily control the baby’s movement on the water. The ring is also colorful, and most babies love bright things.

Swim Vests

There are different types of swimming vests with various features. Good examples are the Stearns Child’s Classic series vest, and the Speedo Kids’ UPF 50+ Begin to Swim Classic Swim Vest. The Stearns vest has three adjustable straps and a leg strap that ensures that your baby fits well. It is also made of durable material and different colors. On the other hand, the Speedo kids vest is appropriate for the kids who only want to get their feet wet. It can easily be put on and off and also available in different colors.

First Aid Kit

Just because you are doing everything you can to prevent accidents does not mean that they cannot take place. You should have a first aid kit in case of any emergencies at home. The package ensures that you can access everything you need in a minute.

Pool safety is vital. As a responsible parent, apart from using the above pool safety products, you should also maintain the cleanliness of your pool because dirty and poorly-maintained pools can cause injuries.


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