There are many different pool finishes you can choose from when building a pool. One of the first things you think of is what color the water will look. You may even have concerns that your pool will look drastically different to the images in the catalog. Pictures are only a guide, so you should be prepared for some differences with your pool.

Why is My Pool Water Different Color?

There are a number of environmental factors that influence the look of a pool finish such as water depth, the time of day, amount of sunshine in the area, and the pool’s surroundings. You also need to remember that if you have any glass beads or stone as part of the pool décor, these will affect the color too.

  • Water Depth: When you are in shallow water, sitting on pool benches, or standing on the steps the color you see will be the pool finish. At these depths, you will not see much of the pool water color. Play pools with depths of 3 ½ to 6 feet will also not have much saturation when it comes to the color you see. A black pool finish can create a gold-tone watercolor at shallow depths but will change to an emerald green towards the deep end. When you use the same finish in a pool and attached spa, you will also notice different tones because of the water depth differences. In general, the deeper the water is the more of a dramatic color you will see.
  • Weather and Time: The brighter and sunnier the day, the more vibrant the pool water will be. The sun brings out the color and in addition to this, the pool surface clearly reflects the clear blue sky above. With every season and every location, the color of the sky varies and so will the color reflected in the water’s surface. When it is overcast, the water can look grayer or deeper blue as well as dull and lifeless. In these cases, you are actually looking at the pool finish and not the sky’s reflection. Depending on the angle of the sun throughout the day, the pool can look warmer or darker.
  • Glass or Stone Accents: When you have glass beads or decorative stones in the pool finish, you add to the color of the water. Colors can be more vibrant and enhanced as the sun hits the accents and as they are reflected through the water.
  • Acid Washes: When the professionals acid wash a pool the finish is impacted which also means the color of the water will change. An aggressive acid wash can seriously darken the pool finish and therefore the water. In most cases, the pools will not match the sample finish that was picked out, and it definitely won’t match the pictures.
  • Startups: Startup methods can also affect the amount of scale that a pool has which will affect the finish and water color. Scale is usually white or black and when it builds up on the surface, pigments of the pool finish can be distorted.

When you look at pictures of pool to decide what finish you want you need to remember that there are several things that impact the look and color. Chances are that your pool will not match the picture you see. Digital reproductions of pictures can also distort the look in comparison to its natural appearance. Printed photos will also be different because of the variety of inks used in printing.

When it comes to choosing a pool finish, remember that it may not look the same when the job is complete. Consult with a pool professional and they can help you choose the right finish for the look you want, based on where you live and the pool design you have.

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