pool fence color options

Pool fences are designed to provide the required protection around a pool. This is a very important safety feature for the pool owner. The mesh pool fences are gaining great popularity because they are quite durable and easily customized to the specifications of the customer. The mesh fences are also very easy to install and just as easy to remove, at the request of the customer. Another important factor is that the pool owner is able to further customize the fence by selecting a fence color that matches their decor. Information on the most popular fence colors follows.

Popular Pool Fence Color Combinations

The fact is that most people select a fence color to either match their decor or because it is their personal favorite. Some would prefer more designer inspired combinations that add just a bit of elegance. However, the most popular combinations requested by customers are:

  • Black mesh with brown borders and black poles. This is one of the more traditional looks because it blends seamlessly into most backgrounds. This is a very popular combination in the Southwestern part of the United States.most popular pool fence color


  • Black mesh with gray borders and gray poles. This combination is preferred by people that would like the fence to blend into the background or almost vanish into the decor. Perfect for areas with gray tones and most colors.beige pool fence


  • Black mesh with beige borders and beige poles. This is a neutral combination preferred by people with a very light background area or area mixed with different patterns and styles. Adds a quiet touch of elegance.