Premier Pool Fence

Premier Pool FenceThe premier pool fence is made with the same mesh and basic design as the original pool fence, but it has a different pole design. The premier pole is virtually unbreakable. It requires smaller holes in the ground. The premier design is recommended when installing the pool fence into wood or composite deck. The integrity of the wood or composite relies upon smaller holes being drilled in. For the safest fence, you need the safest structural base.

The gate is the most important part of any fence system. We offer a top-quality, patented self-closing, self-locking gate with all of our pool systems. We also offer a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.


Which holes do you prefer in your ground?

Premier Pool Fence holes vs Original Pool Fence holes:


Pool Gate Fairfield CAEvery Guardian Pool Fence System comes with the option to install our patented climb-resistant, self-closing, self-latching, key-lockable mesh gate. We use the best materials and hardware on the market to bring you the highest quality pool gate in the industry.

Climb-Resistant: Guardian has engineered the only gate with NO CROSS BAR. Not having a crossbar significantly decreases the likelihood of a pet climbing over our gate because there is no place for them to gain leverage from. Instead of a crossbar, we designed our gate with trusses on each side to control gate tension. Our gate trusses are made from 6061 marine grade aluminum and can be powder coated in the same colors as our pool fence.

Self-Closing: Tru-Close hinges have long been the most reliable self-closing gate hinges on the market which is why we use them with every Guardian Gate. These hinges are tough, molded with a stainless steel torsion spring, and coated with UV-Stabilized materials to provide you with hinges that won’t bind, sag, or stain. They are also easy to adjust, requiring only a screwdriver, and come with a 100% Rust-Free For Life guarantee.

Self-Latching: MagnaLatch Safety Gate Latches were specifically designed for securing gates around swimming pools, yards, and child care centers. Combined with the self-closing Tru-Close hinges, the latches will magnetically latch itself shut. This latch is also key-lockable and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. MagnaLatch is the original and is still the world’s best selling magnetic latches on the market.

Our self-closing gate is so unique that it is protected by a US patent. United States Patent #5,664,769

  • All latches are magnetic and lockable. They are all made by Magna Latch, the world’s safest pool latching system available.
  • The latch, hook and eye fasteners and screws are made of stainless steel.  The gates and poles are made of aluminum, stainless steel and PVC. Every part of the fence is made to resist rust while maintaining strength and integrity.
  • The mesh is the safest and strongest mesh available worldwide.
  • All fence poles have locking sleeves making them meet building code expectations in many municipalities. They are easy to remove with a tool but are still safe.
  • All poles are constructed with T6 marine grade aluminum and are internally reinforced from top to bottom with a tri-core design. Our poles are available in powder-coated colors of BLACK, GREEN, BROWN, GRAY, and BEIGE or in a silver-colored MILL FINISH
Our exclusive INTERLOCKING mesh is the strongest and most transparent mesh available anywhere. This mesh is available in BLACK, GREEN, and BROWN. We call our standard fabric GUARDTEX. The Guardtex mesh is available from stock in BLACK only.
  • Fence available 4 foot, 4 ½ foot, or 5-foot heights. (the 4-foot high fence is the minimum height recommended by the U.S.C.P.S.C.)
  • The gate trusses are made from 6061 marine-grade aluminum. The available colors for the gate frame are BLACK, GREEN, BROWN, GRAY,  BEIGE, and MILL FINISH.
  • The trusses and the “U” shaped gate design are just two of the 19 different claims on our gate that are protected by US Patent #5,664,769
  • The gate is self-closing, self-latching, key lockable, climb resistant, RUSTPROOF, and REMOVABLE

Our experts are trained to install these high-quality fences designed to keep your loved ones safe. Our guaranteed service can allow you to enjoy comfort, security, competitive pricing, and confidence in a job well done. We serve the Northern California, San Francisco, Fairfield, Oakley, and Sacramento areas

Keep your fence sparkling clean by spraying water on the fence to rinse off dust and pollen.
Most children cannot lift the “tension fit” poles out of their holes; however, the deck sleeve addition safely prevents tampering by securing the pole from the inside.
The specially designed safety gate hooks accommodate padlocks. These solid brass locks, keyed for one key, are available and can prevent intentional or accidental mischief.
This answer depends on the ability and ingenuity of your child, however, our fences do not have easy hand or toe holds, making it the least easy of any fence to climb.
Again, this answer will depend upon your child’s abilities, your specific site, the height of the fence, and nearby moveable objects. Have an evaluation inspection of your site performed to determine the necessary height needed. This process is not a scientific certainty, but can help determining the best style for your yard.
The gate can be adjusted if it becomes skewed by following the simple instructions included in the ownership information. Most homeowners can perform this easily, but you may also call our toll free number for assistance.
Our primary goal is your child’s safety. Welded trusses with stainless steel and marine grade aluminum components provide an extremely strong barrier. Our patented locking system and materials have been independently tested and are certified to meet the ASTM requirements and guidelines for those products.
As with any on-site construction, an accurate estimate cannot be generated without a site evaluation. Many factors can determine the cost of your fence; these variables cannot be assessed correctly without an inspection.
The minimum height required for safety is 48”, but we offer 54” and 60” heights as well. Black, green, brown, grey, beige, and silver colors are available for gates and poles. Mesh colors include black, green, and brown.
The Black interlocking “Duraguard” is the most transparent fabric.
The black “Duraguard” fabric is highly popular.
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