Preventative Maintenance


It is Normal to have your Pool cover serviced once or twice a year depending on your needs. If you haven’t done so already, you should sign up for our annual Preventative Maintenance service today.

You do regular maintenance on your car, right?

Why not your pool cover?

To optimize performance and longevity of your Pool cover system, the manufacturer recommends a Preventative Maintenance Service, or PMS, of your system once or twice per year, depending on your unique situation.

We, at AquaTech Pool Systems, know that by doing annual maintenance to your pool cover in the spring, helps your cover run all summer long. The benefit to the PMS during the fall is that we have an opportunity to check the drain & Rain removal pump and set you up the correct way.

Preventative Maintenance Service (Includes up to one hour):

*Additional hours will be billed at $165 an hour.

  • Complete Inspection (Fabric, Unit, Rope, Webbing, etc)

  • Lubricate Unit and Inspect attachments

  • Check all pulleys, gliders and sliders and other moving parts

  • Replace all wearable parts, as necessary (Additional charge for parts)

  • Clean debris from tracks, tighten all screws, check splices for proper alignment

  • Run and Adjust cover

  • Clean out housing unit (remove debris, sediment, inspect drainage) Additional $68

1 Time Per year (Spring) Preventative Maintenance Service $155 Labor plus parts

    2 Time Per year (Fall) Preventative Maintenance Service $280 Labor plus parts (Save $30)