AquaTech’s Energy Efficient Products

Due to our busy schedule during summer we only offer Heat Wave, Solar Bubble Covers, and Thermal Pool Covers from October 1st through February 31st. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause you.


The NEWLY redesigned HeatWave SuperQuiet® SQ120R and the  SQ166R come equipped with all standard features. The Patented ThermoLink®Titanium Heat Exchanger at its core makes this unit a powerhouse that’s built to last. The SQ120R features IceBreaker®technology which allows you to heat and cool your pool. 

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For your peace of mind and your friends and family’s safety, we offer a range of pool alarms. Even with nets and fences surrounding your pool, you will want this extra protection.

Here are the types we carry:

  • Sub-surface disturbance detector
  • Surface wave sensor
  • Wristband alarm
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