A well-kept pool is the greatest feature that completes your home. This provides an easy way to stay cool during a hot afternoon as well as a good bonding time with your family and friends. Unless the pool is well covered and has a proper fencing, it may be a source of insecurity. The cover and the fencing should, therefore, be installed to make your pool secure.

What is a pool cover?

Pool cover in San Francisco Bay Area

A pool cover is a plastic sheet that is used to cover the pool surface and helps to keep the water warm and also keeping it clean. Today due to technology advancement, a customer can choose various types of pool covers from automatic ones, to solar powered to the standard manual models to heavy winter covers.



Pros of pool covers


  1. They are easy to setup or take down. For homeowners who choose to have either a manual or automatic pool cover, they can install them easily by following instructions that accompany it.
  2. They help to insulate the water, therefore helping to reduce energy bills as you don’t have to use a lot of heat in case you want to heat the pool.
  3. It helps to keep the pool clean from debris like leaves, sticks and papers. This helps to reduce the amount of time taken to clean the pool.
  4. Prevents young children and pets from getting into the pool accidentally which would lead to drowning.


  • Helps you in saving a lot of time and money when it comes to pool maintenance.
  • Prevents your pool water from evaporating
  • Keeps your pool water clean and this reduces the number your pool needs to be washed.
  • Prevents children and pets from getting into the pool accidentally.
  • They reduce the heating cost as they help in insulating the water. This reduces the electricity bill. 

Your pool can never be complete without a pool cover. Installing a cover for your pool is the simplest and effective way of keeping it clean, save energy and money.


Cons of pool covers

  1. They are expensive to purchase for most of the individuals especially if you are looking for the top of the line automatic pool covers.
  2. There a higher chance the cover may rip or break. Once this occurs, dangers of accidental drowning by pets may occur.


Pool Fence San FranciscoWhat are pool fences?


Pool fences are protective metal guards that are placed around the perimeter of the pool and help to prevent intrusion to the pool area. There are home owners who choose to have wooden or vinyl or glass pool fences installed and which are permanent and help to provide extra security and protection.


Pros of pool fences


  1. They are affordable to many pool owners compared to some types of pool covers like the automatic ones.
  2. They are easy to install and a demonstration from your dealer is all you need to set it up.
  3. Provides protection and prevents young children and pets from accessing the pool area without adult supervision. This helps to prevent accidents such as drowning.
  4. It helps to deter unauthorized persons from accessing your pool.


  • Guaranteed pool safety for children and pet; a well-installed pool prevents the death risks for both the children and pets who may unconsciously drain in the pool.
  • Helps in reducing incidences of accidents and drowning; this is because pool fencing is very difficult for the children to remove.
  • The installation is quite affordable as it is only dependent on the size of the pool and the material used.
  • Offers convenience and peace of mind especially to parents and teachers in a school set up as they do not have to be worried about the playful children
  • They prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the pool

Safety is the most important when you have a swimming pool. Keep your pool fenced with the SAFEST POOL FENCE


Cons of pool fences

  1. Setting up and taking down of the pool fence may require a considerable amount of time. Therefore it can be time-consuming and cumbersome.
  2. Requires storage space in the case it is not in use.
  3. It obstructs the view of the pool.
  4. The fence lacks added secondary benefits to the pool such as energy saving and efficiency as compared to a pool cover.