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pool-cover-reels-californiaRocky Pool Cover Reels

Once the pool owner has chosen the type of pool cover that they need, the next decision is to determine what type of reels that will be needed to maneuver and keep the pool cover in place. For instance, pool cover reels are needed to retract the cover easily without having to manually make these preparations. It is also important to note that the best type of reels is the Rocky Reels System. The rocky wheel system is considered to be a preferred choice because it has been designed with a certain precision in mind. It has also been crafted with sturdy materials. In specific, die-cast aluminum that can accommodate a diversity of styles, shapes and sizes in pool covers. Some of which have been made with long lasting baked finishes for durability.

Aquatech‘s Rocky Reels System will also make it easy to remove the cover from the reel. All of our reels come with wheels which make it easy to roll to the side yard or garage when you have back yard party.