Walnut Creek is one of the most beautiful cities in California. The city is a center for commerce, sports, and entertainment. It has many residential pools. Each year many people decide to build a new pool or buy a home with a pool.

Unfortunately, drowning is the #1 cause of death under the age of 5. In order to prevent this problem, most cities came up with their local pool fencing requirements. The owner of the swimming pool is required to install pool safety fence to prevent drowning accidents. Even though this cost money it is worth it because you will be saving the lives of young ones. 

 These Are The Requirements in Walnut Creek CA:

  • Every person in the city who owns land on which swimming pool is situated should ensure that pool fencing is done to prevent accidents.Any swimming pool with
  • Any swimming pool with depth of more than 18 inches should be fenced to enhance pool safety. Such depth can easily make kids to drown. Besides, it can limit rescue efforts made by adult swimmers.
  • Any swimming pool with an area of more than 250 square feet should be fenced.
  • The height of the pool fence should be more than 4.5 feet high. This will ensure maximum safety and prevent people especially kids from accessing the pool body by simply jumping over the fence.
  • Pool fence should have a gate. The gate should be strong, durable and safe to open and close.
  • All gates or doors which provide entry and exit should be equipped with self-latching and self-closing device. This will help to keep the gate or door closed all the time as long as the swimming pool is not being used. By so doing, kids or animals will not have their way into the pool.
  • The openings on the barrier should not allow passage of objects measuring 4’’ in diameter.
  • In the event that you are using solid barriers which do not have openings, they should not include any protrusion. Neither should they have indentations.
  • Space between vertical and horizontal barriers should not exceed 4 inches. This reduces the size of openings to prevent entry of unwanted creatures and objects into swimming pool.
  • In a place where a building serves as a barrier, doors which provide access to the swimming pool through the wall should be equipped with an alarm. Alarm produces warning sound when the door is opened.

In conclusion, the above are the pool fencing requirements in Walnut Creek CA. You are required to fence your pool for the safety of your children and other people. Prevention is better than cure.

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