Who doesn’t like doing cannonballs? I think we can all agree the pools have a number of benefits. Pools are an excellent source of fun and exercise. By the same token, who doesn’t like some R&R? Sunbathing on your day off is a great way to unwind, and gather your thoughts. Whether you have a pool, have a job working on pools, or going to a pool party, or seeing how much air you can get before DRENCHING your little nephew, you can find greeting cards for any of your pool activities. 

holiday-cards-for-pool-professionalsI wanted to share these cards, because I was just talking about how there should be more job-related content on the market. Like smileys that are made for cops, or mystery shoppers. I have to be honest, there are no cards like this to send your clients as a pool professional. We don’t have Santa with a spy hat, and his shopping bags all flying in the air, jumping into the pool. I can’t imagine a better sentiment for a pool service company, or pool guy to give his clients, because one, I think they are adorable, and two, because if you work with pools, or have a pool related activities planned, these greeting cards add a personalized touch to your holiday cheer. Not to mention letting your know that you are thinking of them is super sweet! 

If your having a cookout this Christmas outside near a swimming pool, these swimming pool greeting cards will make a big splash with their aquatic holiday charm, and humorous content. As far as clients go, Christmas cards make an excellent opportunity to get a spring cleaning special out for the coming summers months.

Here are a good selection of Holiday Cards for the pool professionals