Many people think they can just cover their pool and forget about during the colder months but this is very bad for your pool. Your pool needs attention all year round in order to stay in optimal condition and to avoid costly damages. The seasonal tips that can help you take the best care of your pool are below.

Seasonal Care for Your Pool


As the weather warms up you start thinking about opening up your pool. Trim back any trees and foliage that got overgrown during the winter to clean up your yard and reduce the potential for unwanted foliage and debris in your pool. Uncover the patio furniture and get it cleaned up and make sure all decks and walkways are all clear of debris that could end up in the water.  You can remove the pool cover once the yard is cleaned up. Be sure to get all collected water and debris clear first before taking the cover off and make sure it is completely dry before storing it away and then you can begin cleaning your pool. Always buy new pool cleaning supplies because old cleaners from the previous seasons can be toxic for your pool and your health.


Making sure your pool is maintained all summer long needs to be a priority. Always make sure your pool chemistry is balanced before use and be sure to regularly check this throughout the season. If you are not sure about the chemical balance, take a sample of pool water to a local pool retailer to be tested. Perform regular maintenance, cleaning, testing, and equipment checks as well as keep all surrounding areas clear of debris.


The fall months can still be warm enough for pool use so you need to pay extra attention to falling leaves as this is typically a good sign to get the pool covered back up. Skimmer baskets are the best way to keep leaves and debris from clouding your pool, but as it starts getting colder, you want to prevent as much debris as possible from getting into the pool equipment. This is when it is time to get the pool covered and protected. This time of year is also perfect for any remodeling or upgrades done that you want. If the weather is still warm enough to enjoy your pool, you need to keep up with maintenance and water testing. Even though the water will not be evaporating as fast as it was in the summer, but testing is still necessary.


The time has come to cover your pool. Make sure all pH and acidity levels are in balance and you also need to drain any water from the pool heater, filter and pump to protect pipes from getting frozen as the temperature drops. Drain the water in your pool to between 4 and 6 inches below the skimmer. Once you cover your pool, throw out any unused chemicals, so you are not tempted to re-use them next season.

A pool is the best place to relax, have fun with the family, and host events so make sure you take the best care of your pool no matter what the season is. Just because pools are most popular during the summer doesn’t mean you can ignore them the rest of the year.

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