There is no getting away from it — Palo Alto in California can get hot! It has a pleasant Mediterranean style climate that produces hot summers and mild winters, and the average temperature rarely drops below 70 degrees between the months of May and October. Even in the winter it doesn’t get particularly cool, with the average temperature in January remaining around 60 degrees.


With this in mind, it is no wonder that so many people who live in Palo Alto are looking for ways to cool down. Many head to the beach on super hot days, or resort to public swimming pools. For some people, however, occasionally visiting a favored swim spot is not satisfying enough, as it can be a hassle to head to a public pool or beach every time the weather gets too hot to bare.  As a result, many people opt to have a swimming pool installed in their Palo Alto home.


Swimming Pools

Swimming pools really offer the best of both worlds. You get all the benefits of sunbathing and swimming at the beach or a public pool –without having to spend time packing up and traveling to these places and paying to get in.  With a private pool, you can simply step outside and jump in.  They are a worth-while investment, considering how useful they are and how much value they add to a property. This is why so many people in Palo Alto opt for pool installations at their own homes.


Solar Pool Covers

If you own a pool or are thinking about getting a pool installed, then solar pool covers are a must.  In many ways, solar pool covers are like normal pool covers. They keep bugs, leaves and other debris out of the pool. But they possess vital function that normal pool covers don’t: They collect heat from the sun and use it to keep the pool water at a desirable temperature.


This means that your pool will remain pleasantly warm no matter what the temperature is outside. No one likes getting into an exceedingly cold pool, even if it is hot outside. Using solar pool covers means that your pool will retain its heat, making it a pleasant place to go for a quick dip anytime.

Solar Pool Cover Paolo Alto


How Do Solar Pool Covers Work 

Approximately 90% of heat lost by pool water is caused by evaporation from the water surface. The solar pool cover works by reflecting the heat back into the pool water, thus preventing the heat from escape. Solar covers can reduce heat loss by up to 85%.  Studies have shown that using a solar pool cover regularly can cause the pool temperature remain up to 10 degrees warmer than it would have been without the cover.  Because solar covers provide an energy-efficient alternative to other heating systems, monthly energy costs can be significantly reduced.  For this reason, it is definitely worth it to have one installed for your pool.


Where to get a solar pool cover

For Palo Alto pool owners, as well as most other Bay Area residents, customized pool covers and additional pool safety and maintenance accessories are widely available.  Aquatech Pool Systems provides full-service installation and routine maintenance for all your pool necessities.  Contact us today for a FREE ESTIMATE!