Why do you need spa covers?

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard and young kids you know that covering it is vital to avoid tragic accidents. This is also true of much smaller spa-type hot tubs, which may be a lot more shallow than a pool but no less dangerous to youngsters. Because of this, one of the greatest reasons to use spa covers is to ensure the safety of younger family members. A solid, well-fitted spa cover will minimize the risk of anyone accidentally falling into the water, be they children or an adult who may slip. These things can happen, after all.

Although safety is the primary reason to invest in spa covers there are several other valid reasons to get one. Hygiene, which is of course, an important aspect in spa tubs, is a major reason to have a cover. Just as the cover keeps kids from falling in, it also keeps out insects and other critters as well as dirt, debris and leaves. It is by far easier to brush off a cover than to drain and clean the
spa tub after clutter gets into the water. Certain covers are designed solely for the purpose of keeping your spa clean, but more solid versions have extra properties that can actually be money saving over time.

Spa covers are also important for conserving energy, which is often important. In much the same way as you would place a lid on a pot of water to make a boil faster, a spa cover will help the water heat up more rapidly. Of course, when the water has warmed up the cover will keep that warmth in, minimizing the energy required to maintain a comfortable water temperature. This means that it is certainly prudent to keep the spa covered whenever it is not in use to ensure that energy is not being wasted.




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