It’s always a fascinating feeling owning a pool since you get to have fun and benefit healthwise. Your property also tends to increase the value, which is a good thing in case of a resale. Owning a swimming pool comes with a fair share of responsibility and pride. Early Spring is not the ideal time to swim, in Northern California unless you have a pool heater. You should think ahead and prepare your pool for the Bay Area spring, which couples with cold weather that may even lead to some freezing damage. Regular maintenance is a necessary procedure that helps enhance the aesthetic aspect as well as its longevity.  You need to put in some effort to ensure your pool stays in top shape for a very long time. Let’s understand some routine care procedures your pool needs during this time of year.

Pool Maintenance In The Spring

Pool Chemistry

It is important to protect your capital intensive project by taking charge of controlling the pH levels during spring. It might not be necessary since the use drastically reduces, but it helps enhance the longevity of your swimming pool. It helps maintain ideal alkaline, calcium hardness, and cyanuric acid levels. Imbalanced proportions have the potential of ruining your surfacing as well as reducing the efficiency of some vital pool components. Strive to control the pH levels once a week to deter the growth of algae, which possess a lot of health threats to the users. Maintaining the ideal water chemistry balance will prepare your pool for the next favorable season.

Pool Parts

Ensure every component is safe and well-positioned before you decide to use additional protective measures. You could also decide to conduct maintenance procedures to ensure your pool parts work effectively before ushering winter. Your pool will depend on some of these components, such as the pool pump and filter, to keep warm to avoid freezing. Failure to maintain an already defective component spells out trouble and additional expenses for you to incur. You could seek the intervention of a pool professional if the burden becomes huge to bear alone.

Monitor Your Water Level

In order to keep your pool primed, it is important to maintain the ideal water level. The ideal water level is crucial since it helps preserve your pump as well as avoid freeze damage. The water level should be below the water level skimmer, especially in areas where the weather can be below freezing. If you are located in areas where winter has a mild effect, you may result to having the water level slightly up.

Always Circulate The Water

Spring comes with a lot of unpleasant surprises, which might leave you with a huge maintenance cost. It is possible to experience temperatures, which has a lot of predicament and risks. This type of damage is capable of rendering your pool ineffective since it causes damage to some of the vital pool components. Always circulate your water this maintenance procedure will help evade some repair and maintenance costs that can be caused by freeze damage.


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