Summer is the time to seek out those exotic destinations and to relax at a report. But sometimes your budget doesn’t allow this, or circumstances make it difficult to travel. For those times when finances and situations do not allow for exotic travels, you can create your own resort right in your backyard. A swimming pool is the first place to start with your own summer staycation.

Need Staycation Ideas? Your Pool is The Top Spot

A staycation is taking a break from your daily life but without actually going anywhere. You stay local. Going on an out-of-town trip can drain you and your bank account. Plus, if you have obligations at home, or pets to take care of, a staycation is the perfect solution. There are several activities that you can do to have fun without ever having to leave your home.

1. Go swimming

Hanging by your pool is the number one solution for a staycation. A poolside staycation offers a lot of benefits, including privacy, and all your friends can come by too. Swimming will also help keep you in shape over the summer. Aside from working out in the water, you can also throw a pool party with music, barbecue, and drinks to share with all of your friends and family. It is important to keep your pool clean and safe all year in the event you will be hanging out there more often. Keeping the water clear, balanced and free from debris will make it all the more inviting for your staycation.

2. Get a massage

A staycation does not mean you have to stay home all day. You can head to local spots and if you head out a massage should be top of the list. You also can get the same relaxation without leaving your home. There are a number of reliable massage therapists that make house visits and can deliver a relaxing spa experience for you. A poolside massage is the ultimate way to create that exotic vacation experience.

3. Eat at your favorite restaurant

Eating out is part of the vacation experience and you can enjoy all your favorites on a staycation too. Head to your favorite spots, or get take out to enjoy at home. Set up a table by the pool or on the patio and enjoy dinner staycation style.

4. Go to the park

Staycations are a great chance to reconnect with nature. If you were in a different place chances are you would be exploring a little. With a staycation you can still get out and about in your local area. Head to a nearby park or trails and explore. Some places may have a lake where you can go fishing or boating. Or you can just bring a picnic along to enjoy under a shady tree.

5. Visit a local farmer’s market

Another place to venture out to is the local farmer’s market. You may not get to do this often if you have a hectic schedule, so a staycation is the best time to indulge. Try new local

6. Go to the Beach or Lake

Your pool is a great substitute for a resort experience, but most vacations usually involve the beach or a lake too. For a staycation and a low budget, head to your local water source for an afternoon. You can play games, eat, and spend time with friends and family. Then head back to your home resort for some time by the pool.

7. Clean your home

A staycation is a time for some to get away from their daily routine. For others, it is a time to do all the things they never have time for, and this includes cleaning. Give your home a thorough cleaning and get rid of clutter and items you no longer need. You can even consider giving your home a small makeover if the budget allows, or at least rearrange furniture for a new look.

8. Backyard Camping

If your budget doesn’t let you head to a campsite, then bring the camping to you. Set up your own site in the backyard. Eat dinner, make s’mores and sleep under the stars. Keep things realistic by turning off outdoor lighting and using flashlights. You can even take a late


Staycations are a popular solution for saving money. Thousands of Americans go into debt each h\year because they want to enjoy a lavish vacation. More money is spent paying for the hotel and travel expenses than we spend on the actual experiences of where we go. When you plan a staycation you get relaxation without going broke and you can have plenty of fun right there in your own backyard.


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