A pool safety fence is important in keeping your pool area safe from accidents. Just as important as the pool safety fence itself is the strength of the fence poles. The fence poles must be able to withstand the weight and pressure of a child or animal falling into it. The ideal post will not break or bend under pressure.


The weakest part of a pool safety fence is found at the fulcrum, where the pole meets the ground.  When compromised, this is the point that absorbs the most force. Make sure that the fulcrum has been tested to be strong. Poles should be able to withstand at least 200 pound of pressure.


Choose poles made of the highest quality materials, and make sure that they are properly welded and installed. Strength tests have found that the best pool safety fence poles are made of heavy gauge aluminum with a PVC center, and a stainless steel pin.


Just as important as the materials used to make the poles is the spacing of the poles. Poles should be spaced at 30 to 36 inches apart. This close placement reinforces the strength of the fence. The diameter of each pole should be 1 inch.


Some important factors in ensuring pole strength:


  • Use rust resistant parts and place covers or caps over exposed edges
  • Use rounded screws for smooth edges and rust resistance.
  • Use the highest quality materials
  • Ensure proper reinforcement
  • Ensure proper installation

Remember that the strength and integrity of your pool safety fence could save a precious life.