Because you live in Northern California, you get to use your pool all year round you lucky thing you, so don’t let the warm weather spoil your festive spirit. We have put together a few ideas to decorate the swimming pool area to really capture the spirit of Christmas this holiday season. Read on for inspiration…

1. If you aren’t planning on using the pool too much over the coming weeks, but you don’t want to winterize and drain it, why not create an inviting christmas-themed backyard? Build Santa’s grotto or have a floating iceberg (complete with inflatable polar bear) in your pool instead. If you have access to some old decking or long planks of wood lay them across the pool as the base. Use old pool covering (cut into pieces) to drape over the planks or decking to hide them. Lay rope lighting flat in loops on top of the pool-covered planks, then liberally sprinkle your scene with glittery fake snow. Place the inflatable Santa or polar bear in the middle of the island and there it is (in total this should take you less than half an hour to set up). If you really want to push the proverbial boat out and enhance the scene even further, consider stringing net lighting over the pool with a sporadically hung christmas bauble. Or place little LED christmas trees or candy canes around the edge of the pool, a penguin or two wouldn’t go amiss either… Just make sure everything you use is water resistant.

2. If you are going for a more upmarket approach yet still want to embellish the pool itself, nothing is more romantic or mood-enhancing than floating candles. You can choose to have the candles drifting by themselves or you can create your own little floating winter wonderland. Build a buoyant platform and adorn it with some greenery or holly stems with berries. Place a large church candle (or several) wrapped in tinsel or a red ribbon atop the greens and sprinkle the whole scene generously with fake snow. (I’m sure you could even create a baby Jesus manger scene if you wanted to).

3. If you are planning on using the pool however then filling it with floating objects or transforming it into a polar bear’s island is going to be impractical. Why not consider decorating the edge of the pool instead with some festive cheer? An outdoor christmas tree bedecked with weather-resistant decorations and a smattering of waterproof fake presents at it’s trunk is going to capture the holiday spirit beautifully. Or hang strings of fairy lights criss-crossing the pool, you will have them throughout your home and around your tree so why not extend their reach poolside? If you intersperse the outdoor string LED lights with a sparkly bauble or christmas tree decoration they will look even more festive. Attach them to your pool fence or run them from the roof of your house above the pool to a tree or shrub on the far side. Their reflection in the pool is going to enhance their sparkly, twinkling effect tenfold!

If all else fails, an inflatable santa on a lilo gets the message across and is guaranteed to raise a smile (either that or a set of reindeer antlers on Fido when he takes his morning dip…)