Having a pool is a huge responsibility. Not only do you need to maintain the pool regularly, but you have to ensure that the pool is safe. If you have a pool, safety should be your number one priority. Whether you are considering getting a new pool or if you already have one, you need to get a cover in place. Pool covers protect your loved ones and protect the integrity of your pool.

Automatic pool covers along with pool fences are quickly becoming the number one choice for pool owners. Advances continue to be made in terms of design and features to deliver the best pool cover to consumers. The new T-4 system is the first and only automated pool cover system designed for stainless steel cables and should be on every pool owners wish list.

pool cover motor

We pride ourselves on offering only the best to our customers when it comes to pool covers. This new high strength stainless steel cable system is a much more viable option to nylon roping that is commonly used. With a more efficient pool cover system, your pool is better protected as is your investment. The use of stainless steel cables means that less frequent pool cover adjustments need to be made. Fabric replacements are also much easier with the new cables.

The new system hosts a completely redesigned motor and mechanism that has been built for maximum adjustability, easy installation, and seamless integration into your current or old pool design.

Easy installation: The system comes with a separate mounting cradle which contributes to quicker and more efficient installation. With the T-4 it is also easier to adjust the leading edge with a simple turn of a screw while uncovering your pool. Previous system designs have this being a two-man job but the T-4 makes it easy for one person to do alone.
Maximum adjustability: Torsion springs are in place to help keep tension on the cables at all times. There is also a diameter adjustment which allows you to keep the leading edge square so it closes flush with the pool every time.
Smaller footprint: The T-4 allows for a smaller motor end using a 20.5” motor as compared to other systems that need a 28” one. Thinner cable reels are another benefit as well as a shifting mechanism that uses less space. Overall the system requires a 24” box versus the 32” box of other systems, making the T-4 your go-to choice for pool cover systems.

t4 pool cover

4 your go-to choice for pool cover systems

The T-4 pool cover system is the best and most efficient way to keep your pool secure. The stainless steel cables offer durability, strength, and reliability so you can have confidence in the cover you use. Pool safety is nothing to shy away from, so you need to get the best in pool design cover and system. We understand the need to have the safest and most efficient system for your pool cover which is why we recommend and offer the unbeatable T-4.


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